eclipse notes from guest writer shay mosey

lunar eclipse

The shift has already occurred, my mind is just catching up. I call it “transitioning,” but really I’m just catching up with what already happened. The moment I decide to focus on the shift itself, rather than my own getting used to it, I can capitalize on what’s happening here and now.

So this full moon, this eclipse for me places a different tint, a new light on the change that’s occurred.
I’ve switched my focus from ‘getting used to it’ to just ‘it.’

what’s real
all eclipse my confusion.

Today, I stopped waiting to catch up and just caught up.
I’m with what’s happening now and I’m ready to ride.

photo borrowed from The Daily Telegraph

The reset

New Moon Cleanse

Though the size and shape of the moon remain constant, it looks different every time we see it. Sometimes it’s buttery crescent. Sometimes a perfect half circle. Other times it’s bold and bright and white. And still other times we can’t see the moon at all. The new moon, or dark moon, is the start of a new cycle. The dark circle grows to be a silver beaming ball, a full moon that will soon shrink back to black.

new moon

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