Resolution season

a new moon message from shay mosey

challenge season

The top of the year is near. Optimism and confidence permeate the air. People open themselves to change and allow their minds to imagine better life. Our media feeds will flood with positive thoughts challenges, get fit challenges, save money challenges and beyond. We might start a challenge, go hard for two weeks, fall off for a few days, pick back up for a week and eventually fall off again, right back into our old ways. Some might say we set goals that are too lofty so we fall off. Others might say we don’t really want it, and that’s the reason we fall off.

I say we fall off because our focus is displaced. We should focus our attention on the qualities we want to cultivate and then choose a challenge.

Review the major events from the past year to identify what attributes you want to develop. Revisit your triumphs, trials and heartbreaks. Decide what lessons you were supposed to learn from each event. Sum up each lesson in one word if you can. Choose or create challenges that emphasize these words. It doesn’t have to be extreme. The challenge can consist of minor changes and still be effective.

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