to be a host

how to share your home the right way

conoid studio

When we invite someone over, we’re saying ‘Hey, come experience home my way for a few. Come see what my perspective looks and feels like.’

We want to show our guests a good time. We want them to feel welcome and comfortable. We might offer up a drink or a blanket if it’s cold. But there’s some more subtle things to consider; some things that create a free flow of energy, thought, ideas and conversation.

Not everyone we bring into our home gets a grand tour and a peak into the the quieter more intimate rooms. Many guests sit with us in the front room, the living room, the kitchen, den or a combination of these areas. We should have a place to bring our guests. And in this place, we need:

Company shouldn’t have to guess or hesitate when it’s time to sit. Make it so they know exactly where they can take a seat and make the seat comfortable. Aching muscles from uneasy chairs is no way to have a conversation.
Five is a safe enough number. At any moment, there should be seating for at least five people. Maybe you have a three person couch and a love seat. Or bar stools and a kitchen table. They might not automatically want the seat but they know the option is there.

Surface Space:
Even if someone is coming in for just a quick exchange, they might still have a phone or a bag they need to set down for a moment. There should be a clear surface in an obvious location. When someone is staying for a talk or to chill, and we do end up having a drink, they should have a place to put that drink without guessing.

Empty Trashcans:
They don’t need to be entirely empty but there should be plenty of room for more.

When someone stays overnight, here’s what you need:

Clean Sheets: Replace sheets, pillow cases and blankets where your guest is sleeping. No one wants to sleep in anyone else’s body dust. There’s some leniency with best friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, but even then a fresh set of sheets is courtesy.

Clean Bathroom:
Wash cloths, hand towels, bath towels, tub, toilet and trash. Clean it all. There should again be no guess work when it’s time for company to use the bathroom. And there should be no disgust either.
Surface space emphasis: Just like in the living room, there should be space in the bathroom for company to keep their personals.

Clean Kitchen:
There should be available dishes, wiped down surfaces and some easy snacks or drinks to choose from. And again, we can’t forget to empty the trash.

Curating this experience is not simply to leave an impression. It’s about creating a space where energy flows freely; where there’s no hangups or blockage; where both you and your guests are at ease and can focus on enjoying one another’s presence.

Next week learn what it means to be a guest.