input over outcome

full moon message from shay mosey

october full moon

It’s imperative that we fully develop our gifts, for they have healing properties. Whether we view them as positive or negative, light or dark, our creations in their essence have the power to heal.

We’ve spent years hoarding ideas because of insecurities or fear of judgment and disagreement. It’s time now to release that pretension.

This full moon, release all expectations. Instead, focus on the process. Detach yourself from the potential outcomes and instead commit yourself to the input.

full moon notes

with guest writer shay mosey

august moon

Recently in my journal, I used words like hurt, rejected and abandoned. Just days later, I found myself using words like full and abundant. I wondered “Why even bother ‘feeling’ anymore? Feelings are fleeting. They’re intangible. What do they really mean?”

Is the human experience about simply feeling? Or are feelings a means to some other end?

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