This is recalibration. It’s the practice of rebalancing the living space so that it resonates with the head space. Changes like this happen weekly in my house. If I feel stuck, stagnant, overwhelmed by my mind or just simply need a release, recalibration is my medicine.

Sound borrowed from Tommy Guerrero – Heat in the Streets from Road to Knowhere


becoming one
becoming two

“As a person’s self image changes, he or she is able to put away or dispose of objects that no longer reflect who they are, and acquire or make others. Thus, where we live becomes a kind of stage set onto which our self-image is projected…The house interior for most people – unlike the structure itself – is rarely wholly fixed or finished. Like the exploration of self, the arrangement of the domestic interior is often in the process of becoming.” House as a Mirror of Self | 1995

the life of a hermit

thirteenth century meditations

fish and birds
“…When I come home here I feel compassion for those who are still bound by the attraction of earthly things. If any doubt me let them consider the fish. They do not get tired of the water; but if you are not a fish you cannot understand their feelings. Birds too love the woods, but unless you are yourself a bird you cannot know how they feel. It is just so with the life of a hermit: How can you understand unless you experience it?”

The Ten Foot Square Hut | 1212