seat of the week

This seat represents the times we feel like we’re caught under a rain cloud, getting poured on, beat down by the outside world or even by the inside self. It can be challenging to get through the store. We keep our heads down. Our clothes are wet so we feel heavy. We’re completely consumed by how cold and droopy and sloppy we feel. But a tree, a being who knows no protection from the rain, is excited about the storm and the growth it invites.

Sometimes, we can change our perception to change our experience. Other times, what we experience is a true tragedy that we cannot change. And that’s not something we should run from or fight. Tragedy and loss are natural parts of the human experience, and if we don’t allow ourselves to feel those lows, then we’re stopping up our human flow. We’re creating blockage.

Be reminded that the storm passes. Afterwards, we find a new freshness: the air calm and wet with earth’s breath; the trees extra green and floating in tranquility. We’ve dried off or changed clothes so we feel lighter. We feel a sense of perseverance and we remember that the water is nothing to be afraid of.

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