Resolution season

a new moon message from shay mosey

challenge season

The top of the year is near. Optimism and confidence permeate the air. People open themselves to change and allow their minds to imagine better life. Our media feeds will flood with positive thoughts challenges, get fit challenges, save money challenges and beyond. We might start a challenge, go hard for two weeks, fall off for a few days, pick back up for a week and eventually fall off again, right back into our old ways. Some might say we set goals that are too lofty so we fall off. Others might say we don’t really want it, and that’s the reason we fall off.

I say we fall off because our focus is displaced. We should focus our attention on the qualities we want to cultivate and then choose a challenge.

Review the major events from the past year to identify what attributes you want to develop. Revisit your triumphs, trials and heartbreaks. Decide what lessons you were supposed to learn from each event. Sum up each lesson in one word if you can. Choose or create challenges that emphasize these words. It doesn’t have to be extreme. The challenge can consist of minor changes and still be effective.

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input over outcome

full moon message from shay mosey

october full moon

It’s imperative that we fully develop our gifts, for they have healing properties. Whether we view them as positive or negative, light or dark, our creations in their essence have the power to heal.

We’ve spent years hoarding ideas because of insecurities or fear of judgment and disagreement. It’s time now to release that pretension.

This full moon, release all expectations. Instead, focus on the process. Detach yourself from the potential outcomes and instead commit yourself to the input.

harvest moon notes

Our beloved Shay Mosey took the week off. At first this meant no moon cycle notes. Then she suggested I write them. I told her I didn’t know how. She said you know how to write, just write and accompanied the message with a couple lines from the hoodwitch to inspire:

“The Harvest Moon is a celebration of past efforts, serving as the culmination of the past year, as it’s time to pick crops for the new season. Falling close to the Autumnal Equinox, the Harvest Moon is the first Full Moon of the season, creating abundance, as we reap the benefits of our past efforts.”

Most of my pieces start in my notebook and then get groomed for the online journal. But this stock taking of my fruits, of my accomplishments from the last year, painted itself onto the page with ease, with eloquence and asked to be shared in its raw form. So here we are. [click here if the notebook is hard to read]

harvest moon oneharvest moon two


a response to september’s new moon notes

when my friend and cowriter shay mosey asked if she could use my handwriting for her moon cycle notes i said ‘yes, absolutely.’
she saw my handwriting for the first time on dialogue between house and self and had a vision for it.

new moon september.JPG

so i wrote my way through september’s cycle notes and her words hit me differently than they have before. they traveled from the outside of me
through my eyes and into my body, through my hands and onto the page.

as they traveled through me they shifted something in. they reminded me of the responsibility that comes with the power of creation.
building the shed gave me confidence.
for the first time in my adult life, i was able to say i did something and had a whole little building to prove it. i guess that feeling is what i’ve been chasing when i envision all these projects. the chairs i wanna make, the cabinets, the tables.
i’ve been wanting to finally have something in my name that holds weight and looks legitimate.

but as i read Septembers moon cycle notes I realized I lost focus.

What makes that shed important is the intricate series of events that brought it to existence. what makes any piece of work beautiful is its journey from the subtly of the life force
of prana
of god
into the weightiness of ‘reality.’

so maybe that’s what i’ve been missing.
maybe i’ve misunderstood the whole purpose of this journey. maybe thats why i almost lost my toe, why building day became fuck this shit and why i found myself staring into the sun.
i was not focused. obviously time will be wasted if there’s no focus.
how did i miss that?

so here’s to the new moon,
to the ‘practice of patience
and the appreciation of process’

full moon notes

with guest writer shay mosey

august moon

Recently in my journal, I used words like hurt, rejected and abandoned. Just days later, I found myself using words like full and abundant. I wondered “Why even bother ‘feeling’ anymore? Feelings are fleeting. They’re intangible. What do they really mean?”

Is the human experience about simply feeling? Or are feelings a means to some other end?

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eclipse notes from guest writer shay mosey

lunar eclipse

The shift has already occurred, my mind is just catching up. I call it “transitioning,” but really I’m just catching up with what already happened. The moment I decide to focus on the shift itself, rather than my own getting used to it, I can capitalize on what’s happening here and now.

So this full moon, this eclipse for me places a different tint, a new light on the change that’s occurred.
I’ve switched my focus from ‘getting used to it’ to just ‘it.’

what’s real
all eclipse my confusion.

Today, I stopped waiting to catch up and just caught up.
I’m with what’s happening now and I’m ready to ride.

photo borrowed from The Daily Telegraph

The reset

New Moon Cleanse

Though the size and shape of the moon remain constant, it looks different every time we see it. Sometimes it’s buttery crescent. Sometimes a perfect half circle. Other times it’s bold and bright and white. And still other times we can’t see the moon at all. The new moon, or dark moon, is the start of a new cycle. The dark circle grows to be a silver beaming ball, a full moon that will soon shrink back to black.

new moon

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