spatial therapy


We can call the house a charging pod.  It’s the place we rest up for what’s next. It’s how we charge our energy.  The pod gets its charge from the energy we infuse into the objects we choose the ways we arrange them. The pod is committed to holding whatever charge it’s assigned. Sometimes it needs to be dusted off and wiped down, but for the most part, the house is good for holding the charge no matter what. This is why we come home and almost automatically exhale. It’s familiar. It’s home. Thus the charge begins the minute we walk in.

When we’re mindful about what we bring home and how it’s arranged, the charge of the house is potent. There’s a clear, crisp connection between our energy and that of the house. When we bring……whatever home and throw it……wherever, the energy of the house is blurred .. It’s not specifically formed to fit our needs. And again, the house agrees to hold that energy for you. We can travel with objects from home. They also carry that energy and can work with us in maintaining the charge while we’re away.

With practice, we learn to amplify and master this charge.  And as we navigate the world, that mindful energy is how we remain grounded and move consciously.

This is spatial therapy.